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Meissen’s tableware collections offer a unique and varied range of dinner services, revered porcelain classics and modern designs, all of which provide a stylish setting for any event or occasion, while lending moments of everyday life an air of luxury. They are a reflection of the wealth of decorative styles, the artisanal tradition, radiant colours and varied designs of Europe’s oldest porcelain manufactory. The "B-Form" design, created between 1844 and 1855, exudes pomp and splendour and features a distinguished royal blue with elaborate gold-covered reliefs and rims. Decorated in similar splendour, the "Swan Service" from 1737 brings Baroque table and dining culture into the present day. Timeless and sleek new designs such as the collections "N°41" or "VITRUV" offer a wide range of possibilities in arranging and combining different styles – ideal for both festive and everyday moments thanks to their contemporary silhouettes.