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Meissen’s repertoire of outstanding porcelain figurines is unique the world over both in terms variety and craftsmanship. In its more than 300-year history, the manufactory has set not only design but also technical standards, and has decisively advanced porcelain artistry in Europe. MEISSEN has always stood for the highest quality porcelain, and has produced important works of art in every era. The original moulds are still stored in Meissen’s extensive archives and form the basis of all true-to-the-original new editions. From Baroque and Rococo masterpieces such as the Monkey Band or Amor figurines by Johann Joachim Kaendler, Art Nouveau icons such as the Hentschel Children or dynamic dancer sculptures, all the way to contemporary works by Peter Strang or the artist Chris Antemann, which give porcelain art a modern face in their expressive style. Each Meissen porcelain figurine is a symbol of the driving creative force and innovative power of the oldest porcelain manufactory in Europe.