Meissen porcelain restoration
What should you do if a beloved heirloom or collector’s item is damaged, chipped, or destroyed? The Meissen Manufactory’s restoration workshop is specialised in expertly restoring figurines made of Meissen porcelain and reddish brown “Böttger Stoneware”. We only recommend having tableware and decorative porcelain repaired if it cannot be replaced by a new model or if the piece is a museum-quality piece that is worthy of preservation. The cost of restoring tableware is often just as high as purchasing a new piece. Thanks to the experience and accuracy of our restorers, we are almost always able to restore irreplaceable pieces to their original glory.

Authentic replacement parts
Missing or broken pieces of porcelain figures, such as limbs, heads, flowers, or other plastic design elements, as well as pieces that can no longer be used due to extensive damage are reproduced in full detail by our restoration workshop. These replacement pieces are also original MEISSEN.

Colour and shape adjustment
The replaced pieces are painted by hand true to the original. The Meissen porcelain painters’ expert craftsmanship and in-depth understanding of colour guarantee that the new and old pieces are identical both in style and finish. After a third firing at 900° C, the finished replacement pieces are precisely adapted to the damaged or broken figure. For this purpose, the pieces are carefully sanded until they can be precisely applied. This time-consuming work requires a great deal of precision on the part of the restorer.

Shrinkage and whiteness scale
Compared to the raw material, porcelain shrinks by around 16 percent during firing. Another difficulty is the adjustment of the whiteness grade of the porcelain fragments. Older pieces often develop a grey or yellow tint due to the earlier firing techniques, which were not always perfect. Today’s porcelain is pure white. Therefore, a complete colour matching cannot always be guaranteed. However, our restorers are happy to develop solutions for these issues in consultation with you in order to ensure the best possible restoration.

Place your trust in our expertise
Our restorers are specially trained in Meissen’s traditional porcelain workshops. They all have in-depth knowledge of art history, technological expertise, exceptional artistic design skills, many years of practical experience, and a talent for reliable precision work.

We will always advise you personally about the possibilities for restoring your Meissen porcelain. Please send us a clear, high-definition photo of the damaged object and our restoration workshop will contact you. We can only provide you with a cost estimate when we have the original piece in front of us.

Please contact us via e-mail at or call our customer service hotline on +49.3521 468 6630. Our customer service representatives are happy to be of assistance.