Historical information and appraisals
Is my porcelain a Meissen original? When was it created? What do the markings mean? For questions relating to the authenticity, history, and meaning of your Meissen porcelain, please contact our archive at

Please include photos of your porcelain with your inquiry. The photos must include all sides of the piece and all markings. We also require a full view of the piece. Please send these images as JPEG attachments along with your full postal address to the Meissen archive at We are unable to process e-mails with embedded images or links to websites. Should you be interested in appraisals of multiple pieces, please send us one e-mail per item. Unfortunately, we cannot appraise more than five items per inquiry. In the case of table services, photos of exemplary pieces and a total view of the entire service are sufficient.

Once we have received your inquiry, we will create an individual offer for you that will include the scope of services, conditions, and fees, if any. The archive generally provides non-binding historical information on the shape, design, and the origins of your porcelain piece. Upon request, the archive can also issue an official certificate confirming the authenticity of your porcelain.

Please note that our manufactory archive does not provide information regarding the current monetary value of Meissen porcelain. The value of your piece is based on the supply and demand on the antiques market.

You can also contact our archive at for general questions about the history of the Meissen manufactory; its artistic, technical or economic evolution; or former employees. We are happy to provide you with more information about avenues for further research and other historical services.