As part of the “Faces” collection designer Otto Drögsler, one of Meissen’s creative directors, takes on the historical genre of porcelain wall décor in an altogether modern way. Presented in Frankfurt in 2018, the collection of wall plates features 30 illustrations drawn by Drögsler and applied to a historic plate design from the year 1937. The flowing contour in combination with the rounded edges create a visual focal point, dramatically showcasing the different motifs. The series comprises a variety of young people’s faces, either in full or in part, at times in strokes, at times in detail, all arranged on the plates by Drögsler in different perspectives. The faces are painted in a dark blue colour that was developed specifically for this series in the manufactory’s paint laboratory. The uniform colour palette along with the distinctive brushstroke technique used to paint the faces onto porcelain presents “Faces” as a single series in which single elements can be harmoniously combined according to taste. Every wall plate features a fictional name that personalizes the face, as well as Drögsler’s signature OTTO. The collection is a thoroughly modern take on traditional wall plates at MEISSEN.
  • Craftsmanship
    Otto Drögsler’s works are often centred on silhouettes and figures. He is particularly drawn not only to faces, but also to caricatures. For Drögsler, it’s about capturing a momentary facial expression, or about creating an artistic reflection of a person whom he perhaps noticed in a crowd or passed by on the street. With quick, generous strokes, Drögsler brings out the unique characteristics of his subjects’ faces. Originally full-scale ink drawings on paper, the illustrations for “Faces” were then applied to the wall plates by hand using blue porcelain paint, bringing Otto Drögsler’s drawing and painting style to the traditional realm of wall plates in a fresh and modern way.
“With ‘Faces’, Otto Drögsler has created a stylish wall plate collection that offers a modern take on the traditional genre of Meissen porcelain interior décor.”
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