1722 Swords Basic Set, silver 925 rhodium platted Earring studs, Bracelet & Collier

Order No.: MPJ80SWS099C1
5 g
Give the gift of an elegant appearance with MEISSEN with the earring studs, bracelet and collier of the "1722 Swords Basic Set, 925 silver rhodium platted". Today, as in the past, the manufactory's reputation is based on its craftsmanship in the use of precious materials. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful pieces of Meissen jewellery that are full of history. Almost 300 years after their debut, the Crossed Swords find a new expression as pieces of jewellery in 925 silver. Although the manufactory was founded in 1710, it was not until 1722 that the porcelain was marked with the electoral swords of the Saxon electoral coat of arms. The "1722 Swords Basic Set, 925 silver rhodium platted" consists of earring studs, a bracelet and a collier from the "1722 Swords Basic" collection.
Decor: swords, swords basic
Materials: 925 silver
Weight: 5 g