Swords Set Bracelet & Cufflinks Swords

Order No.: MPJ80SW926C1
17 g
The precious pieces of MEISSEN jewellery fascinate collectors as well as enthusiasts alike. The "Swords Set Bracelet & Cufflinks" is particularly attractive, combining Meissen porcelain with 925 sterling silver as well as high-quality leather. The bracelet and cufflinks show the unmistakable signet of the manufactory, the Crossed Swords in Cobalt Blue.

The expertise in combining precious materials such as gold, silver, diamonds or leather with the finest porcelain is the reason for the manufactory's worldwide reputation. The manufacture of jewellery at MEISSEN can be traced back to the 18th century and is a very special craft today as it was then. Completing an elegant look, the "Swords Set Bracelet & Cufflinks" is always a great gift.
Decor: swords
Weight: 17 g