Gents Key Chain Ming Dragon

Order No.: MPJ60DRS001C
4 g
As a symbol in Chinese philosophy, the dragon stands for the masculine power of Yang, represents wisdom, strength as well as success and here becomes the icing on the cake of a confident, elegant appearance. This makes the "Gents Ming Dragon Key Chain" an excellent gift for your loved one. The true connoisseur reveals himself in the details. This is also the case in the choice of distinguished men's jewellery from the Meissen manufactory. Worked out in detail by skilled craftsmen, the Ming dragon shines as one of the oldest manufactory motifs on the "Gents Ming Dragon Key Chain", whose clasp combines Meissen porcelain with rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver. The hand-painting makes each piece of Meissen porcelain unique.
Decor: ming dragon
Materials: 925 sterling silver
Weight: 4 g