Gents Leather Bracelet Ming Dragon

Order No.: MPJ60DR927C
4 g
The leather bracelet "Ming Dragon black" shows the famous motive of the dragon on a piece of white Meissen porcelain enclosed in rhodium-plated 925 Sterling silver. Skilled craftsmen apply the "Ming Dragon" with special attention to details. The perforated band guarantees a perfect fit on the wrist. In Chinese philosophy, the dragon stands for the male power of the Yang. It also represents wisdom, strength and success. The "Ming Dragon" has been decorating various porcelains of the manufactory since 1740 and is therefore one of the oldest decorations. With the leather bracelet "Ming Dragon black" a confident, dignified look is guaranteed. MEISSEN- a very special gift.
Decor: ming dragon
Materials: 925 sterling silver
Weight: 4 g