1722 Swords Pavé Hoop Earrings

Order No.: MPJ55SW22100
6 g
Today, as in the past, the manufactory's reputation is based on its craftsmanship in the use of precious materials and the finest porcelain. Since 1722, the Crossed Swords - the oldest trademark in Europe - have stood for the unsurpassed quality of Meissen porcelain and craftsmanship. Although the signet has undergone slight changes over the years, it always remains recognisable and iconic. Almost 300 years after their debut, the Swords are reinterpreted in the "1722 Swords Pavé Hinged Creoles". MEISSEN was already making jewellery in the 18th century. The stylish "1722 Swords Pavé Hinged Creoles" from the "1722 Swords Pavé" collection feature the Meissen Swords in fine 750 white gold set with diamonds.
Decor: swords, swords pavé
Materials: white gold 750
Weight: 6 g