1739 Royal Blossom Frame Earrings

Order No.: MPJ50BF16800
3 g
The delicate "Snowball Blossom" shines in a 750 rose gold frame on the ear studs "1739 Royal Blossom Frame" full of filigree splendour. The handmade porcelain flowers with the diamond in their centre can be removed from the frame. The ear studs "1739 Royal Blossom Frame" are therefore variable and fitted for different occasions. The ear studs shine thanks to 72 diamonds, which give them a special elegance. Even today, the elegant blossoms fascinate modern princesses and queens. Therefore it is a wonderful gift for your loved one on a special occassion. By order of King August III., Johann Joachim Kaendler created the "Snowball Blossoms" in 1739. The delicate flowers represent the king's love for his queen, who was immediately enchanted by the Snowball Flowers.
Decor: blossom frame
Materials: rose gold 750
Weight: 3 g