1722 Swords Basic Bracelet, 18,5 cm

Order No.: MPJ30SWS099C185
3 g
MEISSEN - a very special gift. Give the Meissen "1722 Swords Basic Bracelet" as a gift of exclusive jewellery that is full of tradition as well as history. Since 1722, the Crossed Swords - the oldest trademark in Europe - have stood for Meissen's unsurpassed quality. Although the signet has undergone slight changes over the years, it always remains recognisable and iconic. Thus, the "1722 Swords Basic Bracelet" is also an elegant eye-catcher and guarantees a silvery appearance with MEISSEN. The jewellery from the "1722 Swords Basic" collection makes an excellent gift.
Decor: swords basic
Materials: 925 silver
Weight: 3 g