Hearts Bracelet Heart Rose, 19 cm

Order No.: MPJ30HEA97C19
3 g
In a heart made of 925 sterling silver, the famous "Meissen Rose" blooms and gives the bracelet a romantic charm. With fine brushstrokes, the pink colour of the flower is painted on the porcelain and receives its lively appearance through differently strong application. The delicate length-adjustable 925 sterling silver chain guarantees an optimal fit on the wrist. For a stylish look, combine the bracelet "Rose" with the matching necklace and ear studs. Flower painting is deeply rooted in the tradition of the Meissen porcelain manufactory. The rose appears as a motif in porcelain painting since 1740. Formerly in a bouquet did the rose later enjoy great popularity as a single motif. The bracelet with heart "Rose" continues this tradition and is a wonderful Christmas gift full of classical elegance.
Decor: meissen rose
Materials: 925 silver
Weight: 3 g