1739 Royal Blossom Bouquet Bracelet, 19 cm

Order No.: MPJ30BL158C19
6 g
For the bracelet with two blossoms from the "1739 Royal Blossom" collection, the delicate flower of Meissen porcelain was crowned with a high-quality brilliant-cut diamond in a rose gold setting. A second delicate rose gold flower contributes to the floral romantic character of the bracelet. The flower of Meissen porcelain is still shaped by hand today and testifies to the highest craftsmanship from Europe's oldest porcelain manufactory. The "Snowball Blossoms" are still one of the outstanding decors of the Meissen manufactory. 1739 at the behest of King Augustus III. created for his wife Maria Josepha, almost 300 years later the porcelain blossoms find a new, elegant expression: interpreted as pieces of jewellery with gold and brilliant-cut diamonds, they tell the royal love story anew.
Decor: blossom bouquet
Materials: rose gold 750
Weight: 6 g