1739 Royal Blossom Frame Bracelet, 19 cm

Order No.: MPJ30BF168C19
5 g
Two delicate floral frames, one of which is decorated with 40 diamonds and a delicate snowball blossom with a diamond pistil, adorn the bracelet "1739 Royal Blossom Frame". Even today, every single snowball blossom is formed by hand, this requires sensitivity and concentration as well as a love for detail. Full of floral elegance, the bracelet "1739 Royal Blossom Frame" in 750 rosé gold show the craftsmansip of the MEISSEN artists. Thanks to the talented Meissen Bossier, the snowball blossoms of the bracelet "1739 Royal Blossom Frame" can still tell the love story between King August III. and his wife, for whom he had created the snowball blossoms. Only the high-quality material allows the creation of such filigree blossoms, which the Meissen craftsmen have mastered perfectly and show the magic of the "1739 Royal Blossom Frame" braceet.
Decor: blossom frame
Materials: rose gold 750
Weight: 5 g