1722 Swords Basic Necklace, 45 cm

Order No.: MPJ20SWS0990C45
7 g
The "1722 Swords Basic Necklace" can be perfectly complemented with the jewellery from the "1722 Swords Basic" collection - for a stylish appearance with MEISSEN. The manufacture of jewellery can be traced back to the beginnings of the Meissen manufactory in the 18th century. Under the leadership of the royal court jeweller and goldsmith Johann Jacob Irminger, the manufactory was already producing fancy goods in 1714. Almost 300 years after their debut, the Crossed Swords are given a modern interpretation as pieces of jewellery with the "1722 Swords Basic Necklace" and find new expression in 925 silver. Although the manufactory was founded in 1710, the porcelain was only marked with the electoral swords of the Saxon electoral coat of arms from 1722.
Decor: swords, swords basic
Materials: 925 silver
Weight: 7 g