Porcelain Pendant Crucifix Butterfly

Order No.: MPJ20KRB0221
5 g
The Pendant "Crucifix Butterfly" in White enchants with the iconic radiance of the brilliant white Meissen porcelain with a filigree butterfly relief in the centre of the cross. In the Christian faith, it symbolises the union between the earthly and the heavenly. In connection with the symbol of the liberated soul, the butterfly, the Crucifix Pendant symbolizes the Christian hope of resurrection. The pendant's loop in finest 750 white gold nobly complements the impressively shimmering white porcelain. The iconic signet of the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory - the world-famous Crossed Swords - in the manufactory's own cobalt blue round off the design of the Pendant "Crucifix Butterfly" in White. A wonderfully contemplative gift for the upcoming Christmas festivities.
Year of Creation: 2020
Materials: white gold 750
Weight: 5 g