Porcelain Pendant Crucifix Butterfly

Order No.: MPJ20KRB0211
5 g
The pendant "Crucifix Butterfly" made of white Meissen porcelain is an extraordinary piece of jewelry. The detailed butterfly on the crucifix stands for the resurrection and is a symbol for the soul. The pendant "Crucifix Butterfly" combines the centuries-old craftsmanship of the Meissen porcelain manufactory with the equally traditional connection between Christianity and the butterfly. Especially for Christmas, the pendant "Crucifix Butterfly" is a fantastic gift. The pendant "Crucifix Butterfly" with a loop made of 750 rose gold is an example of the proficiency of the porcelain manufactory Meissen in combining noble metals with the finest porcelain. For over 300 years, MEISSEN has stood for the highest quality standards and unmatched craftsmanship.
Year of Creation: 2020
Materials: rose gold 750
Weight: 5 g