Hearts Size M Butterfly Lawn

Order No.: MPJ20HED2480
2x1 cm, 4 g
On a heart of white Meissen porcelain, a small meadow with flowers blooms on the pendant "Heart Butterfly Meadow". Atop of the pendant is a loop made of noble 750 white gold. A golden butterfly flies above the soft pink and light blue flowers. The interplay of colours and motifs creates a classic elegance with a touch of youthful freshness. The pendant comes without chain. Special designs are possible via the customer service. With the floral painting, the pendant "Heart Butterfly Meadow" presents a part of the over 300-year history of the manufactory. Flower painting has always served as an expression of thoughts and feelings. The detailed paintings testify to the botanical knowledge and masterful craftsmanship of the porcelain painters. MEISSEN - a very special gift.
Decor: flower
Materials: porcelain
Height: 2 cm
Width: 1 cm
Weight: 4 g