Hearts Daisy, Size M

Order No.: MPJ20HED2479
2x1 cm, 4 g
MEISSEN - a very special gift. Give your loved one the gift of the highest craftsmanship from Europe's oldest porcelain manufacturer. The pendant "Hearts Size M Daisy" with a 750 white gold eyelet takes up the traditional subject of flower painting and embodies a fascinating combination of history with modernity.

With consideration for its own rich tradition, the jewellery collections of MEISSEN feature motifs with historical significance that are interpreted in a modern way and impress with timeless elegance. All pieces of jewellery from MEISSEN are created purely by hand. The pendant "Hearts Size M Daisy" is also hand-painted by experienced porcelain painters in the manufactory's own porcelain colours.
Decor: flower
Materials: porcelain
Height: 2 cm
Width: 1 cm
Weight: 4 g