Hearts Rose, Size M

Order No.: MPJ20HED2377
2x1 cm, 4 g
The famous "Meissen Rose" blossoms in radiant rosé on the pendant "Heart Rose". Surrounded by delicate buds and bright green leaves, the Queen of Flowers looks so real that it seems as if you can smell her lovely fragrance. The pink rose, a symbol for beauty, is an outstanding sign of love and affection on the pendant "Heart Rose" due to its joining with the heart shape. The perfect Christmas gift for a special person. The eyelet is made of 750 rose gold. The pendant comes without chain. Special designs are possible via the customer service. At the beginning of the manufactory, the depiction of flowers on porcelain is based on East Asian decorations. Later magnificent naturalistic botanical illustrations would serve as templates for the flowers depicted on the earliest examples of European porcelain. The "Meissen Rose" finally blooms in the Biedermeier.
Decor: flower
Materials: porcelain
Height: 2 cm
Width: 1 cm
Depth: 0,9 cm
Weight: 4 g