Hearts Size M Blue Butterfly

Order No.: MPJ20HED2371
2x1 cm, 4 g
The pendant "Heart Blue Butterfly" shows a hand-painted blue butterfly on Meissen porcelain in the shape of a heart. Thanks to the beautiful details, it looks as if the butterfly is flying over the heart with a slight flapping of its wings. Butterflies are a symbol for the soul and new beginnings. The pendant "Heart Blue Butterfly" is therefore a beautiful Christmas gift with special symbolism. The eyelet is made of 750 rose gold. The pendant comes without chain. Special designs are possible via the customer service. Meissen, the oldest porcelain manufacturer in Europe, draws upon a wellspring of more than 300 years of stylistic abundance to create striking designs. Each creation in the finest craftsmanship is thus a modern interpretation of cultural history. Each Meissen porcelain is hand-made and painted to attain its uniqueness.
Decor: other staffage
Materials: porcelain
Height: 2 cm
Width: 1 cm
Depth: 0,9 cm
Weight: 4 g