Hearts Size M with Monogram (1 letter) Black

Order No.: MPJ20HDS2397
2x1 cm, 4 g
"What is uttered from the heart alone will win the heart of others to your own." So wrote Goethe, that great German poet, little knowing his words would once reverberate so clearly in an edition of immaculate tokens of love. With the heart pendants, MEISSEN translates a universal symbol of love into a contemporary piece of jewellery made from the finest porcelain. Applied by hand in proprietary porcelain paints and precious metals, the filigree decorations can be customized as a monogram, letter, or numeral. Each porcelain painter employs their own cursive style, resulting in slight variations in every piece. Please contact our customer service to inform us of any special requests. Upon confirming feasibility with our artisans, we will provide a personal quote.
Decor: other staffage
Materials: porcelain
Height: 2 cm
Width: 1 cm
Depth: 0,9 cm
Weight: 4 g