1739 Royal Blossom Gem Necklace, Tourmaline Pink, 45 cm

Order No.: MPJ20BL165C45
9 g
Behind the filigree decoration lies probably the most romantic tradition in porcelain history: King August III impressed his great love Maria Josepha of Austria with the precious "Snowball Blossoms" of white gold in 1739. The "1739 Royal Blossom Gem" collection with the matching "Necklace, Tourmaline Pink" still enchants today with the grace and elegance with which the "Snowball Blossoms" also gladdened the heart of the Electress. In the "Tourmaline Pink" version, a pink tourmaline adorns the snow-white porcelain blossom, adding a charming colour accent. The "Necklace, Tourmaline Pink" from the "1739 Royal Blossom Gem" collection is made of fine 750 rose gold. The Snowball Blossom made of white Meissen porcelain forms a contrast to it. A white diamond in a rose gold setting shines in its centre.
Decor: blossom gem
Materials: rose gold 750
Weight: 9 g