1739 Royal Blossom Frame Necklace, 45 cm

Order No.: MPJ20BF168C45
5 g
The necklace "1739 Royal Blossom Frame" enchants with its radiant grace. In a flower-shaped frame made of 750 rose gold, a delicate "Snowball Blossoms" with a diamond as pistil. The necklace "1739 Royal Blossom Frame" is adorned by 41 of these beautiful gems. Today, as then, each of the famous snowball blossoms is formed by hand and thus bears witness to the extraordinary craftsmanship of the Meissen porcelain manufactory. The necklace "1739 Royal Blossom Frame" is an elegant Christmas gift. The Snowball Blossoms are witness to one of the most beautiful love stories. King August commissioned them to show his love for his wife Maria Josepha of Austria with the filigree flowers. Almost 300 years later, the famous decor still enchants modern princesses and queens.
Decor: blossom frame
Materials: rose gold 750
Weight: 5 g