1722 Swords Insignum Ring, 54 mm

Order No.: MPJ10SWI01154
11 g
In a noble 750 rose gold frame, the Crossed Swords adorn the ring "Insignum". Since 1722, the Crossed Swords - the oldest trademark in Europe - stand for the unsurpassed quality of Meissen porcelain and handicrafts. The signature has undergone slight changes over the years, but it has always remained recognizable and iconic. With this ring, they are now reinterpreted. A beautiful gift, also for Christmas. As early as the 18th century MEISSEN made jewellery. Today, as at that time, the reputation of the manufactory is based on its craftsmanship in the handling of noble materials and the finest porcelain. The expressive ring can be complemented with other pieces from the exclusive "1722 Swords Insignum" collection - for a confident, dignified look with MEISSEN.
Decor: swords insignum
Materials: rose gold 750
Weight: 11 g