1739 Royal Blossom Bouquet Ring

Order No.: MPJ10BL28600
5 g
Created in 1739 at the behest of King August III for his wife Maria Josepha, the Meissen porcelain blossoms are an expression of what is probably the most romantic tradition in porcelain history. The "1739 Royal Blossom Bouquet" collection lets an icon of Meissen porcelain design shine in new splendour with the brilliant white Snowball Blossoms and underlines the floral-romantic character of the jewellery with further blossoms in 750 white gold.

Feel as unique as Maria Josepha of Austria, the wife and great love of King August III, once did with the handcrafted, elegant "1739 Royal Blossom Bouquet Ring" in 750 white gold. The "1739 Royal Blossom Bouquet Ring" not only underlines a glamorous appearance, but is also a perfect gift for your loved one.
Decor: blossom bouquet
Materials: white gold 750
Weight: 5 g