1739 Royal Blossom Gem Ring Tanzanite Blue

Order No.: MPJ10BL17600
5 g
Underlining the floral romantic character of this unique piece of jewellery, the "1739 Royal Blossom Gem Ring, Tansanite Blue" is adorned with a rose gold leaf set with 16 brilliant-cut diamonds. To this day, the Snowball Blossoms are among the most outstanding decorations of the Meissen manufactory. Created in 1739 at the behest of King August III for his wife Maria Josepha, the porcelain blossoms are reinterpreted as jewellery almost 300 years later with the "1739 Royal Blossom Gem" collection.

Each individual Snowball Blossom is formed by hand. As a flower pistil, a tansanite surrounded by five brilliant-cut diamonds shines in the "1739 Royal Blossom Gem Ring, Tansanite Blue". For the "1739 Royal Blossom Gem" collection, the delicate Meissen porcelain flowers are contrasted with precious 750 rose gold. Give your loved one endless love in porcelain as a gift.
Decor: blossom gem
Materials: rose gold 750
Weight: 5 g