1739 Royal Blossom Basic Ruby Ring, 52 mm

Order No.: MPJ10BL11952
4 g
Give the christmas gift of endless love in porcelain or let yourself be enchanted by the "1739 Royal Blossom Basic Ruby Ring". To this day, every Snowball Blossom made of Meissen porcelain is formed by hand. This is the highest level of craftsmanship, which is expressed particularly brilliantly with the "1739 Royal Blossom Basic Ruby Ring".

Created in 1739 by Johann Joachim Kaendler, the Snowball Blossoms already adorned a magnificent service of Meissen porcelain commissioned by King August III as a gift for his wife Maria Josepha. Almost 300 years later, these very same fine porcelain blossoms are reinterpreted in combination with high-quality 750 rose gold and brilliant rubies as precious jewellery pieces in the "1739 Royal Blossom Basic Ruby" collection.
Decor: blossom basic ruby
Materials: rose gold 750
Weight: 4 g