1739 Royal Blossom Basic Ring, 50 mm

Order No.: MPJ10BL11650
4 g
The ring of 750 rose gold from the "1739 Royal Blossom" collection is decorated with a blossom of white Meissen porcelain. In the middle of the handmade flower, a white diamond shines as a blossom stamp. The 54mm ring enchants with its filigree elegance and is a very beloved Christmas present by MEISSEN. The snowball blossom that adorns the ring " 1739 Royal Blossom" goes back to the snowball blossom decor, which Johann Joachim Kaendler designed for August III in 1739. It served the King as proof of his love for his wife Maria Josepha. The sight of the delicate flowers of Meissen porcelain immediately enchanted her. The snowball blossom is one of the oldest and most loved decorations of the Meissen manufactory.
Decor: royal blossom
Materials: rose gold 750
Weight: 4 g