1739 Royal Blossom Frame Ring, 50 mm

Order No.: MPJ10BF16850
6 g
A fine frame of 750 rosé gold encloses a delicate porcelain flower on the ring "1739 Royal Blossom Frame". This graceful blossom is part of the Snowball Blossom decoration by Johann Joachim Kaendler. By order of King August III. he created the charming decor, which served as a proof of love from the king to his queen. Even today, the elegant flowers still enchant modern princesses and queens. The ring "1739 Royal Blossom Frame" fascinates with its floral charm. 30 diamonds crown the flower-shaped frame that encloses the fine Snowball Blossom. The pistil of the hand-formed Snowball Blossoms is also a diamond. A fascinating ring for an impressive appearance. As a Christmas present, it makes eyes shine.
Decor: blossom frame
Materials: rose gold 750
Weight: 6 g