1739 Royal Blossom Frame Ring

Order No.: MPJ10BF16800
6 g
With a total of 30 brilliant-cut diamonds, the flower-shaped frame makes the "1739 Royal Blossom Frame Ring" shine with floral elegance. Another brilliant-cut diamond serves as a flower pistil for the delicate Snowball Blossom made of Meissen porcelain. The frame, which perfectly encloses the delicate blossom, is made of the finest 750 rose gold. A beautiful gift to express your special appreciation.

Commissioned by King August III, Johann Joachim Kaendler created the famous Snowball Blossoms made of Meissen porcelain in 1739. August's wife Maria Josepha of Austria immediately fell in love with the delicate porcelain blossoms. Even today, each individual blossom is formed by hand and the "1739 Royal Blossom Frame Ring" from the "1739 Royal Blossom Frame" collection puts the popular decor in a new light.
Decor: blossom frame
Materials: rose gold 750
Weight: 6 g