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The wedding table
  • A carefully arranged table and seating chart create a charming atmosphere at a wedding reception and ensure that the event will be truly unforgettable. The key is to keep the needs of each individual guest in mind. Regardless of whether you choose round or rectangular tables, individual tables or one long banquet table, the bride and groom generally sit in the centre of the action, making it easier for them to keep an eye on their guests and easier for the guests to see and visit with the newlyweds. The bride sits to the right of the groom, traditionally followed by the parents and grandparents, siblings, and witnesses to the right and left. Those who want to break from traditional seating arrangements may choose to sit with their witnesses and close friends, while family members are given a spot near the bridal table. To some extent, the same rules apply today that were customary centuries ago. At the wedding of Augustus II the Strong to Electress and Queen Christiane Eberhardine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth: the illustrious guests were seated at individual tables based on their rank. The closer to the Electress, the greater their influence.
"The wide array of historical and contemporary tableware sets from MEISSEN offers you a comprehensive range of instruments to compose your own unique tabletop symphony."
  • In contrast to Augustus II the Strong’s banquet table and its extravagant themed tablescapes with numerous figurines and elaborately designed terrines, today’s newlyweds more often see their choice of wedding menu, music and, not least, table settings as an expression of their personalities. The wide array of historical and contemporary tableware sets from MEISSEN offers a comprehensive range of instruments with which to compose your own unique tabletop symphony.
    Service plates, which remain on the table throughout the entire meal, form the basis of every table setting. Starter and soup plates are placed atop, while smaller plates for salad and amuse-bouche as well as bread & butter plates are positioned at the top left of the place setting. If you are offering your guests a buffet-style meal, the necessary plates will be provided in the correct order at the buffet station. Cutlery for up to four courses is arranged on either side of the place setting. The soup spoon takes the outermost position on the right, with the fork and knife for the main course immediately to the left and right of the plate. The butter plate and butter knife are positioned above the forks on the left. Water, white wine, and red wine glasses complete the table setting; however, the first sip of wine may only be taken after the bride and groom have completed the opening toast.