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Brunch Trends:
The Art of Breakfast
  • For breakfast lovers, "brunch" is the ultimate weekend breakfast and the optimal opportunities to meet friends and family while exchanging news and enjoying culinary delights. Especially if you haven't seen each other for a while, a brunch date is an excellent idea and a time-out for body and soul.

    Brunching itself developed in the late 19th century, where it formed the English culture of an extensive breakfast. The word brunch, a combination of "breakfast" and "lunch", also comes from this period. However, brunch owes its popularity to the Americans, who brought the idea of a lavish breakfast to the world in the 1930s with their Mother's Day brunch. While the "hype" was initially celebrated in cafés and hotels, it has found its way into the home in recent years. Here you can chat, laugh and eat to your heart's content in a cosy ambience. But what are the trendy dishes for the perfect brunch buffet? Let us surprise you and discover new trend dishes and how they can be perfectly staged.

    Arrange a lovingly laid buffet table with our various dinner services. For an exquisite presentation, a combination of our "N°41" and "Waves Relief Asia" is just perfect. The different shapes and designs of the porcelains ensure a loosened-up and varied arrangement that gives free rein to your creativity. Or give your buffet modern elegance with our "VITRUV" collection. The puristic design with a relief of geometric shapes and columns spreads a distinguished, noble atmosphere on your buffet. Combine it with our etagères for a stylish visual component. On the different levels, you can present the dishes in a space-saving way and as an absolute eye-catcher for your guests.
"When brunching with MEISSEN, you will take a pleasant break from everyday life and celebrate delicious food on exceptional porcelain."
  • Brunch thrives on the variety of dishes consisting of hot and cold components. To make the shared meal particularly enjoyable, it is charming if guests can put together their own creations.

    American mini pancakes are quick to prepare and taste great freshly baked. With pancake plates, you not only create a heavenly feast for the eyes, but also make the new food trend come true. Arrange the sweet pastries on the "Waves Relief" plates with different fruits. Enrich your composition with a variety of toppings in the matching " Waves Relief Aisen" leaf bowls. Particularly popular alongside freshly whipped cream with red fruits are Greek yoghurt with honey and berries or butter popcorn with caramel sauce. But classic garnishes such as maple syrup or even homemade nut cream should not be missing, of course, and can be presented perfectly in the services' sauce bowl. This way, your guests can see all the choices at a glance and combine them to their heart's content.

    Fresh from the oven and delicious, bread and rolls should not be missing from any brunch buffet. Homemade bread is a guarantee of happiness that has become a real hype. It's trendy to serve your own spreads made from regional ingredients with your own bread creations. Whether it's a delicate pink beetroot spread with fresh low-fat quark and a hint of horseradish, or a hearty lentil and pumpkin spread, your compositions will be highlighted in our fine sugar bowls from the "VITRUV" collection. Because the exclusive bowls and cups of the collection seem to literally float due to the hand-applied foot and the groove milled above it. Top your hearty bread combinations with the latest egg dishes and let the "Egglover" among your guests live it up. Cloud eggs are currently very popular. The fluffy baked cloud of beaten egg whites with the yolk in the middle is guaranteed to surprise. For a change from the classic egg dishes, try the juicy omelette muffins, which are a delight with fresh spinach and quinoa. A bit of luxury is a must at brunch, so stuffed crispy eggs with caviar topping are absolutely on trend. For a stylish presentation, drape your egg dishes on the "VITRUV" dessert plates and position them in our etagere, which duly showcases your creations.

    Create the perfect brunch with new trend dishes and the diverse porcelains for an unforgettable, enjoyable brunch with your loved ones.