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Ode to a genius – MEISSEN celebrates Beethoven’s 250th birthday
  • In 2020, MEISSEN together with music lovers the world over celebrates Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday, honouring a musical genius whose legacy spans a singular oeuvre of concerts, symphonies, and piano pieces, but also an intangible cultural heritage that persists to this day: the Romantic ideal that calls on music to take over when speech and rationality fall silent. A passionate proponent of this ideal, Beethoven paved the way for Romantic music out of its Classical period, with an unrivalled ability to inspire disparate groups with his music throughout history – from Romantics to revolutionaries, rockers to the Résistance. In honour of Beethoven’s 250th birthday, MEISSEN presents a range of thematic porcelain pieces dedicated to that most exceptional of composers: a bust, a mug, and a dish.
"From Romantics to revolutionaries, rockers to the Résistance – Beethoven’s ability to inspire seemingly disparate groups with his music throughout history is truly second to none."
  • With its bold colours and expressive style, the “Beethoven” pattern draws on the great composer’s rebellious and exhilarating spirit. Developed inhouse as part of Meissen Atelier’s dedicated creative process, the artwork imbues the Neoclassically inspired porcelain mug and minimalist dish contours with a contemporary aura and surrealist style, making room for an age-old craft and artisanal porcelain in the modern home. The bust, on the other hand, draws on a portrait of the brooding genius and transposes it to purist biscuit porcelain. The marble-like surface captures the filigree swoops and contours, while lending them a fascinating tactile quality and delicate transparency – a must-have for every music lover.