• Bloom Collection
    The lily - the secret queen of flowers. Immortalised in the new "Bloom Collection" from MEISSEN, a feminine jewellery collection full of freshness, grace and beauty.
    The new champagne goblets from MEISSEN are out! For a special drinking experience and luxurious moments of pleasure
  • Animal Christmas Glow
    Welcome the animals of the forest to your home! Owl, deer and stag - at MEISSEN you can find the lovely forest dwellers for collecting, decorating and giving away, as single figurines and as colorful decorations on mugs, vide-poches and Christmas balls.
    The new jewellery collection from MEISSEN. A shimmering homage to beauty, femininity and luxury.
  • #ilovemeissen
    MEISSEN - a passion and enthusiasm that has remained unbroken for centuries and that everyone associates with their very own story.
  • A date with MEISSEN
    Come on a date with Meissen and spend magical hours with the people who are especially close to your heart or are well on the way to conquering your heart.
  • The history of Sushi
    Sushi is probably the most popular health food in Germany and the rest of the world. Like MEISSEN, it has a very long history and tradition.
  • Fantastic MEISSEN Places – The House of MEISSEN
    Experience porcelain in all its diversity and beauty in our House of MEISSEN, and learn fascinating background information and unexpected sensations.
  • Maritime Decors -
    A World of Longing and Fascination
    As if guided by gentle waves and a sea breeze, the flowing brushstrokes of the maritime decors capture a fascinating underwater world on plates, vases and vessels in luminous blue painting and allow a maritime summer ambience to take hold in one's own interior.
  • Iced tea as a summer hit
    Summer, sun, (iced) tea - if you only think of tea in winter, you've got the wrong idea. Because tea is also an absolute insider tip for summer.
  • 300 Years Swords Anniversary
    For 300 years, the Crossed Swords have stood for craftsmanship in perfection.
  • Jörg Danielczyk:
    The manufactory does not only owe great works of art to Jörg Danielczyk. Collectors all over the world associate his name with captivating beauty and the highest filigree, immortalised in brilliant Meissen porcelain.
  • Wanderlust – The longing for exotic countries
    The diverse MEISSEN wildlife will bring unique vacation flair to your home and turns your interior into an exotic experience
  • Open Days at
    15th and 16th July
    Spend a day full of exciting impressions and experiences with us – we are looking forward to your visit!
  • Sustainability with MEISSEN
    Let us inspire you with our tips and tricks for a sustainable gift-giving.
  • Fantastic MEISSEN Places - Albrechtsburg Castle
    Go to a place where legends were created, history was written and imposing works of art held the world in thrall.
  • From Mine to Mug -
    An icon is born
    Embark on the fascinating journey of the unique manufacturing process of our popular mugs from the mine to the perfect new favourite mug.
    A bouquet as a thank you, a birthday gift, for Valentine’s Day or weddings – flowers are always the perfect choice.
  • Fantastic MEISSEN places – the mould archive
    Dive with us into the exciting world that the Meissen mould archive opens up to us.
  • Worldwide symbolic power for peace
    It is the story behind the symbols that gives expression to their meaning.
  • Twist - soft curves for a cosy home
    The unique boxes by MEISSEN artist Zhuoyu Hou lend the room a harmonious ambience and set creative impulses.
  • The exotic world of MEISSEN patterns
    Myths, legends and fairy tales have always inspired Meissen craftsmen to create paintings and sculptures full of symbolic power and fantasy that take you to unknown worlds.
  • The unexpected gift
    MEISSEN makes gift giving an unexpected and extraordinary experience that stays in mind.
  • Exotic decors and the longing for distant worlds
    The tales of the adventurers of yore, awakened the desire to learn more about the distant lands.
  • MEISSEN - Discover the unexpected
    Take a little time out with our "Far & Fantasy" porcelains and disappear into a fantastic world full of myths and unexpected stories.
    The people in Ukraine are currently suffering terrible hardship. With three different peace symbols in blue and gold on our popular mugs, we want to set a sign of hope.
  • Brunch Trends:
    The Art of Breakfast
    When brunching with MEISSEN, you will take a pleasant break from everyday life and celebrate delicious food on exceptional porcelain.
  • The Flower of the Year 2022
    The herb Paris - a messenger that draws attention to the protection of old, near-natural forests and the associated biodiversity.
  • The Trend Colour 2022:
    Very Peri
    Let the invigorating violet hue surprise you and create an inspiring atmosphere.
    A true masterpiece, this lavishly embellished vase boasts over 100 MEISSEN motifs – applied by 27 specialised painters by means of various techniques.
  • Individuality and creativity in Mix & Match
    Combine your own personal table look in the spirit of „Mix & Match“ for a special wow effect.
  • Porcelain - sensuality in extraordinary form
    Porcelain is a particularly sensual material that appeals to all the senses. Have you ever wondered if you can smell, taste, hear or feel porcelain?
  • It's all about the
    right plate
    The most delicious meal is nothing without the perfect porcelain stage on which to serve it. But which plate goes with which dish?
  • The modern love letter
    In times of digitalisation, the written word gains new importance and is more than ever an expression of deep affection.
  • 2022 – Under the sign of the tiger
    In the Chinese horoscope, the year 2022 is under the sign of the fiery tiger and the element of water.
  • It's a Match:
    Coffee and Cup
    Learn more about the myth of "coffee" and the ideal coffee cup for your own personal moment of enjoyment.
    The "Antarctica" collection brings a touch of arctic flair to your home interior and captivates with its unique design language.
    Those who are inspired in the Hygge style surround themselves with selected favourite pieces made from natural, sustainable materials.
  • The perfect ring
    For more than 300 years we have perfected our unique Snowball Blossom and created rings that stand for eternal love.
  • Chinese zodiac signs and their meaning
    For many people in China, the characteristics of the zodiac signs are still ground-breaking today.
  • MEISSEN Designer Zhuoyu Hou
    With a flair for natural beauty and inspired by her Chinese heritage, she opens up completely new perspectives and product innovations.
  • Waves Relief Asia Collection
    The perfect service for lovers of the Asian cuisine with a sweeping waves relief for a maritime flair.
  • 2021 – A season full of flowers
    311 years of history and now the year 2021 is drawing to a close. Learn more about the highlights of this eventful time here.
  • MEISSEN customer service: passion and competence
    MEISSEN customer service means consulting and service with passion and competence for an unforgettable shopping experience.
    Make a statement with your new look! With the trendy accessories from our men's jewellery collection.
  • #individualgift
    MEISSEN porcelain is always a special gift, but the crowning glory is your individual message: you can personalise your gift made of white gold according to your specific wishes.
    Enjoy the beautiful moments in life with our culinary highlights or delight your loved ones with our exclusive gourmet sets.
  • Brilliant pieces of jewellery made of white gold
    Jewellery has always been a way to express his individuality. And as a gift, they symbolize love and appreciation. Discover our love bearers for her and him.
    Strang sets artistic standards with his ability to bring out all the varieties of human feeling in his characters.
  • FORM N°41
    Since its debut 2017, the "N°41" collection has been a standout of timeless, sleek design that inspires.
    Discover the new service that combines the straight lines of the "N° 41" shape with the sweeping relief of the popular "Wave Relief" shape to create a completely new and modern look.
    The sculptures are an expression of creative diversity and an artistic exploration of the Chinese mythology.
    For him it’s what’s hidden, that constitutes the special allure of his sculptures, unfolding their beauty and deeper meaning.
  • Picnic in style with MEISSEN
    A summer picnic with your favorite people is probably the most beautiful way to enjoy exquisite ingredients and homemade food.
    Celebrate this very special wedding anniversary with Meissen porcelain.
    Today handwriting has become rare and is so special and valued precisely for that reason. With our writing instruments, even composing handwritten letters become an experience.
    Unique handcraft techniques are similarly brought back to life in the upcoming “Limited Masterworks” collection — delicate Limoges painting, for example, applied by porcelain painter Lidija Schrenk on an exquisite vase form by master modeler Ernst August Leuteritz.
    With the figurine based on the motifs of the crater vase, MEISSEN focuses on the creative diversity of the manufactory.
  • Dreaming of painting on porcelain – Andrea Mai
    For more than 30 years, Andrea Mai has been an enthusiastic porcelain painter at MEISSEN, living her dream each and every day.
    Make your most beautiful day in life unforgettable and bring a romantic flair to your wedding table.
  • The Famed “Onion Pattern” Takes Modern Form
    Since its debut 2017, the "N°41" collection has been a standout of timeless, sleek design that inspires.
    Right now, a cozy brunch with your loved ones offer a welcome change and let yourself become the creative designer of your own brunch table at home.
  • A season full of flowers – the new MEISSEN service „Giant Bloom“
    Our MEISSEN artist Lena Hensel also dealt with the great importance of flowers for her decor development "Giant Bloom".
  • Home Office
    Home Office Design Trends – Make room for a more creative and personal workplace.
  • adidas Original A-ZX and MEISSEN
    Precision. Craftsmanship. Heritage. The ZX8000 Porcelain sneaker is a piece of history like no other.
  • Artistic commitment to design and sculptural practice – Maria Walther
    In her artworks, Maria Walther creates a fascinating world replete with symbolic meaning and unexpected tales of Meissen porcelain.
  • Customised gifts
    Giving the right gift is an art in itself and always a new task in the daily hustle and bustle.
  • Table etiquette for fish dishes
    Summer is the season for light fish dishes and seafood menus. As with all table settings, there are special rules to consider when setting the table for fish, crab or seafood, with porcelain tableware requiring dedicated foresight and consideration.
  • Crystal glaze vases – serendipitous beauty
    With its collection of crystal glaze vases by the artist Horst Gottschaldt, MEISSEN is paying homage to an exquisite art form whose roots in Japan and Korea stretch back more than a thousand years.
  • Underglaze painting
    Underglaze painting is a genre with a long-standing tradition at MEISSEN. The special technique requires years of experience and the highest precision and is only carried out by specialised underglaze painters.
  • MEISSEN Blue Treasures |
    A summery breeze for modern table arrangements
    “MEISSEN Blue Treasures” is a vivid example of how a historic pattern is given new life, applied to a contemporary dishware design.
  • Biscuit Porcelain
    With its extraordinary fineness and silky matt surface, biscuit porcelain exudes an unmistakable charm.
  • MEISSEN Jewellery Care
    The production of jewellery from Meissen porcelain traces back to the beginning of the manufactory in the 18th century: exquisite combinations of precious metals and stones, that have been made to love and made to last using centuries-old expertise and artisanal techniques.