With the “Royal Palace” collection, MEISSEN is returning to the roots of its 300-year history: To the “Albrechtsburg” in Meißen, which served as the production site of the Meissen porcelain manufactory for its first 150 years. The palace’s historic floor mosaics provided the inspiration for the geometric patterns of the collection, featured in pure white, splendid red, noble black, or gleaming turquoise on the purist “MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan" tableware series. With its sleek, clear design, the “MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan” collection takes on a unique role in Meissen’s product portfolio, allowing unprecedented variability in combining its objects, paving the way for a contemporary dining culture: each piece and decor variant within the “MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan” series is designed in a way that allows it to be presented as a uniform table service but also mixed with other decor variations for a vibrant table set-up. All of the pieces in the “Royal Palace” collection are dishwasher safe.
  • It is the first palace building in German architectural history: a Late Gothic building, constructed between 1471 and 1524 on behalf of the brothers Ernst and Albrecht von Wettin, who ruled Saxony at the time. But it was Augustus the Strong who was the first to actively use the “Albrechtsburg” in Meißen from 1710 as the first production site of his porcelain manufactory. The “Albrechtsburg“, which is heritage-protected, houses a multitude of architectural innovations of German palace construction and some special decorative ornaments. For the “Royal Palace” collection, the palace’s historical floor mosaics have now been immortalised in the form of a geometric pattern and applied to the finest Meissen porcelain. The design is bordered by a delicate contour, which emphasises the geometrical modernity of the meander pattern.
“The sleek design of the ‘MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan’ collection combines the highest quality porcelain with a contemporary design vocabulary, and makes the ‘Royal Palace’ series an instant classic.”
Royal Palace Turquoise
The fresh turquoise colour highlights the modern, geometric character of the “Royal Palace” pattern and firmly anchors its historic counterpart in the present day. Delicate red contours highlight its accuracy and allow the turquoise to appear even more radiant.
  • Royal Palace Black
    Framed by a fine gold contour, the “Royal Palace” design in elegant, rich black lends the sleek “MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan" form a captivating energy, which is particularly effective in combination with the precious metal detailing of the “MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan” collection. A total of 12 different decor themes can be freely combined with one another. This results in numerous individual arrangements, depending on the occasion or personal preference.