The “Limited Masterworks” collection highlights the work of the larger-than-life figures who have shaped this spirit and added their own chapters to the history of the Meissen manufactory. In 2018, the collection is focused on three pioneers: With unusual reproductions of their works, MEISSEN is celebrating the 200th birthday of the sculptor Ernst August Leuteritz, observes the 100th anniversary of the start of Max Adolf Pfeiffer’s tenure as Director of the manufactory, and honours more than 45 years of works from former Head Sculptor Jörg Danielczyk. Diverse as their styles may be, what unites all pieces in this collection is their exceptional craftsmanship, demanding the utmost skill from the manufactory’s many artisans – pieces made possible only by the close collaboration of all production divisions. Porcelain painters and paint laboratory technicians, embossers and master modellers combine artistic masterpieces with traditional production techniques and bring to life both popular classics and rarities that were practically forgotten.
“The ‘Limited Masterworks’ edition embodies the history, the craftsmanship, and contemporary workings of the Meissen porcelain manufactory.”
At the heart of the “Limited Masterworks” are the people who turn porcelain into works of art and, in their unique styles, have made MEISSEN famous around the world. Every piece bears the unmistakeable touch of its creator, thus making each object a unique collectible.
  • “Every masterpiece that leaves our manufactory represents the ultimate in craftsmanship. Our painters and designers have passed down their knowledge from one generation to the next for centuries while also researching antique production methods that have fallen into oblivion. These artists are not only responsible for creating the works that embody this passion for a centuries-old craft but have also provided practically limitless inspiration throughout the manufactory’s history.”

    Liane Werner
    Director Art
  • Snowball Blossom Vase „Dresden Canaletto View“
    Created in 1739 by Johann Joachim Kaendler, the „Snowball Blossoms“ rank among Meissen’s most important decorative motifs, having been applied to countless vessels over the course of their 280-year history. As part of the „Limited Masterworks 2019“, MEISSEN presents a reissue of the 1781 „Snake Handle Vase“ by Carl Schönheit decorated with those venerated blossoms. Rising from the petalled bed are the two snake handles in their original form, lending the vase its striking paradisiacal symbolism. Framed within the medallion is a classic motif based on an historic copperplate print from the manufactory archive. It offers the viewer the famed Caneletto view of a Baroque-era Dresden, the same period the „Snowball Blossoms“ were created. The combination of lavish sculptural decor and such sophisticated artwork testifies to the masterful craft upheld at MEISSEN.
  • “The “Limited Masterworks” series embodies the history and expertise of the Meissen manufactory, as well as the contemporary MEISSEN. Every year this collection allows us to not only write a new chapter in the unique history of this company, but also to discover hidden treasures in our archives, new talents within our artists, and unexplored facets of individual pieces. Sometimes we draw inspiration from historical objects or interpret them in a novel way, but we also make space for brand new contemporary art. We are particularly proud of the achievements of our young artists – they are the ones who will continue to carry the torch of expert craftsmanship and, above all, passion for Meissen porcelain.”

    Dr. Tillmann Blaschke and Georg Nussdorfer
    Executive Board
  • 01
    Exclusive Collection
    Only the most seasoned artisans bring with them the skill to work on these pieces – true-to-original, historic reproductions of seminal pieces by great Meissen master craftsmen
  • 02
    Created between 1844 and 1855, „B-Form“ is a lavish masterpiece of European dining culture, resplendent in royal blue and elaborate reliefs with a 23-karat gold coating