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The production of jewellery from porcelain traces back to the beginning of the Meissen manufactory in the 18th century. Under the aegis of royal court jeweller and goldsmith Johann Jacob Irminger, the manufactory was already producing fashion accessories from white porcelain as early as 1714, only a few years after the invention of this new material. Elaborate embellishments and fine decorative items such as small boxes, rings, brooches, and hairpins were fashioned out of porcelain and embellished with precious metals and gemstones. The modern-day jewellery collection from MEISSEN both continues in this tradition and sets the bar ever higher with its combination of precious materials. Sanding and polishing are applied to let the mesmerizing translucence of the porcelain truly shine. Still created and painted entirely by hand, the jewellery from the Meissen manufactory brings together classic motifs and decoration with contemporary design forms
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The jewellery collections made of Meissen porcelain enchants with their brilliant white luster in combination with noble materials.
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    Royal Blossom
    Endless love in porcelain - Behind the filigree decoration lies probably the most romantic story in porcelain history: King August III impressed his great love Maria Josepha of Austria with the precious Snowball Blossoms of white gold in 1739. Each of the countless filigree blossoms is still formed by hand today. This is the highest craftsmanship, which also presents itself as precious pieces of jewellery. Inspired by the filigree splendour of the Snowball Blossoms, "Royal Blossom" in combination with precious metals and the finest gemstones - now also newly set with rubies - enchants today with exactly the same grace and elegance with which the "Snowball Blossoms" also gladdened the heart of the princess.
  • Porcelain Pendants
    Variety and creative richness characterize the porcelain pendants from MEISSEN. A tradition whose origins can be found in the gallantries of the 18th century. Those friendship symbols that were given as an expression of affection and trust. The design repertoire ranges from animal pendants such as the MEISSEN pug - with naturalistic or noble gold painting - to hearts, in radiant porcelain white or with filigree painting, and porcelain balls hand-painted with the iconic Meissen designs or consisting entirely of the "Snowball Blossoms" from the "1739 Royal Blossom" collection. As statement pieces, Meissen porcelain pendants become the highlight of a casual as well as festive wardrobe, expressing one's mood and personality. The production according to traditional techniques also makes each pendant unique.
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    1722 Swords
    The "Crossed Swords" are the historic signet of the Meissen porcelain manufactory, which is also constantly reinterpreted in the manufactory's jewellery. Since 1722, the Crossed Swords have been painted by hand in the manufactory's own cobalt blue on each piece of Meissen porcelain by the so-called Swordsmen, painters who specialise in the trademark. Although the swords have undergone slight changes over the years, they always remain recognisable. In the elegant jewellery from MEISSEN, the "Crossed Swords", Europe's oldest trademark, are confidently presented as an independent decoration.
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    Gents Jewellery
    With its collection of elegant gents jewellery, MEISSEN is continuing a tradition of design and craftsmanship that reaches back all the way to the 18th century. Whereas, at that time, the jewellery was gifted as gallantries within the Saxon court, today the collection caters to the distinguished taste of the modern gentleman – a man of the world. After all, be it a signet ring, cufflinks or an effortless leather bracelet, the true expert reveals himself – and always has – through subtle details and his choice of accessories. Exquisite materials such as silver, leather and porcelain are combined in these pieces to create timeless designs and striking accents of the highest quality by artisans drawing upon more than 300 years of expertise. Iconic motifs such as the “Ming Dragon” or Crossed Swords as well as personalised monograms, painted by hand on gleaming white Meissen porcelain, provide the perfect finishing touch for a confident, elegant look. Embellished en détail by skilled craftsmen using the manufactory’s proprietary porcelain paints and precious metals, the hand-painting makes each piece of jewellery one of a kind and a distinctive addition to any sophisticated wardrobe. At the same time, it is the symbolic power of the individual motifs that appeals to both connoisseurs and businessmen alike.
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    Your individual gift
    Handmade, unique pieces of jewellery express not only a special appreciation for their recipient, but also for the centuries-old craft that has established the worldwide reputation of the Meissen manufactory. Whether heart-shaped porcelain pendants or elegant cufflinks – Meissen porcelain painters draw on a wealth of historical templates to create personal pieces of jewellery with monograms, initials or dates. Colouring, style and design details are coordinated in advance to immortalise your own ideas as jewellery – whether as a personal accessory or a special gift. Monograms can be realized in various colours and four fonts.
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    In the era of smartphones and instantaneous digital communication, writing letters by hand takes on a somewhat meditative character. A reality that should also be reflected in the exquisite design of one’s writing tools. Meissen’s stationery collection combines a user-friendly design and sense of everyday beauty – precious materials crafted to create dynamic forms that sit comfortably in the hand with a luxurious heft. Drawing on these sculptural qualities, the dish design from the "New Cutout" series not only provides storage space for writing utensils but also carves its own niche for finest porcelain on one’s desk. The specially designed boxes make MEISSEN stationery a very special gift.
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    N°41 Royal Blossom
    With the tableware series, the venerable "Snowball Blossoms" from the 18th century are reinterpreted for the first time as a relief.
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    Discover our vases collections and be inspired by the variety of shapes and decors that provide a perfect stage for your flower bouquet.