With the "Bloom Collection" our MEISSEN designer Lena Hensel expresses her passion for flowers in unique pieces of jewelry and creates a feminine collection full of freshness, energy and lightness. The inspiration was the blossom of a lily, which develops from the first delicate bud to an open, beautiful flower. The name of the flower comes from the Latin word "Lilium" and the Greek "Leirion". There are about 80-100 different species of lilies worldwide and each one has its own individual meaning. Lilies are best known for their striking petals, which bloom in countless colors, including white, pink and orange. "Bloom" literally describes the gentle blossoming of this attractive flower, which symbolizes beauty and femininity. Thus, the rings enchant with a petal and the earrings and pendants as a bud, while the expressive lily flower adorns a brooch and the necklace. Experience with us the comeback of the brooch as a modern fashion accessory. Whether classic on a blouse or extravagant on a skirt waistband, the jewelry piece adds a certain coolness factor to any outfit. The flowers are handmade by our experienced bossiers and thus meet the uncompromising quality standards for which MEISSEN has stood for over 300 years.
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„Modernity and lightness, combined with uncompromising quality and exceptional craftsmanship - that's what makes the "Bloom Collection" so special.- Lena Hensel
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    Pearl Collection
    Pearl Collection
    Our new Pearl Collection takes you to another universe of radiant elegance, self-confidence and something mysterious.
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    royal blossom
    1739 Royal Blossom
    Enchant with the beauty of snowball blossoms as once August III enthralled the young Queen Maria Josepha of Austria.