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The Trend Colour 2022:
Very Peri
  • Colours have played an important role since the beginning of human history. They literally shape our lives in a colourful way and are an indispensable form of communication. Colours give us the opportunity to express our personality, send messages and connect with others. In doing so, each colour has a certain effect and thus appeals to a certain emotion that is often deeply rooted in us. For example, red is associated as the colour of fire, which is associated with warmth, and at the same time stands for optimism and energy. Blue, on the other hand, is associated with the sky, representing durability, peace and confidence. When the balance of blue is combined with the power of red, violet is created - a powerful colour that symbolises the supernatural and the mysterious.

    Accordingly, violet is considered a fusion of the opposites of red and blue and thus represents coping with transition phases in life. This profound meaning was one reason why the expert panel of the Pantone Color Institute decided on the trend colour "Very Peri" this year. With Pantone 17-3938, the violet hue, they created for the first time a completely new colour that is meant to express the current social mood. It stands for the change and transformation of our current life situation. Because the complexity of the new reddish-violet blue tone underlines the comprehensive possibilities that lie ahead of us and opens up a hopeful, positive view of the future.
"Create an empowering and inspiring environment with "Very Peri" and the unique Meissen craftsmanship for vibrancy and joy in everyday life."
  • The extensive violet colour spectrum, from purple and blue violet to lavender and night violet, offers many variants for integrating the energy-giving colour into everyday life. We will show you how to set selective accents with violet elements in your home and via accessories in your clothing in order to send positive signals in a targeted way.

    For more inspiration and creativity at the workplace or especially in the home office, the colour can trigger the right vibrations. This means violet promotes the balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which is said to have a positive effect on thought blockades. So surround yourself with an inspiring interiorand floral vitality in violet. Our "MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan Giant Bloom" vase with the hand-painted pansy exudes lightness and joy. With the matching colourful flowers, new thoughts can arise almost by themselves. Another option is to go for a new favourite mug, such as our "Royal Flower" mug with its detailed purple floral decor or the "Ming Dragon Purple" mug, which provides an additional impulse of ideas with its colour scheme and inspiring decor.

    The new trend colour goes ideally with white or cream and, in the right composition, creates an almost magical ambience on the table at home. Deliberately combine a blue-violet tablecloth with our "Giant Bloom" service, violet napkins and golden cutlery. You will notice how the strong violet accents in combination with the delicate colouring of the large-scale flower painting seem to be able to open a door to another world full of fantasy and magic.

    When you combine purple into your fashion or accessories, you emphasise a mysterious and exquisite aura with this shade. The man can find his colourful purple accessories in cufflinks, a lapel pin or signet ring. With the decor of the purple Ming Dragon, he specifically accentuates his look. Because in purple, red shines with slight blue nuances and was once the most expensive colour in the world, reserved for kings and spiritual dignitaries. For this reason, purple still fascinates today and symbolises royal extravagance.

    Let yourself be captivated by the new trend colour "Very Peri" and convince yourself of the inspiring effect through different porcelains in your interior. With the unique highlights of Meissen craftsmanship combined with the accomplished purple hand painting, the symbolic power of the objects is enhanced for a positive look into the future.