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It's all about the
right plate
  • They come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes, they are the centrepiece and the stage of every dish - the plates.

    Before the 16th century, people usually dined directly from the table. A plate in the shape we know today, with a hollow in the middle, did not exist at that time. However, the wealthy households wanted to distinguish themselves from the dining culture of the "common" people and first used old hard slices of bread as a base and later plates made of wood or tin. With the foundation of our porcelain manufactory in 1710 by Augustus the Strong, table culture in Europe took on a new significance. The first porcelain plates found their way into aristocratic courts and finally into middle-class households from the 19th century onwards.

    Today, the variety of plate variations is almost endless. Because on the one hand, with the right plates arranging the culinary creation becomes easy and, on the other hand, they emphasise the unique moment of enjoying meal. For every dish, from soup to dessert, there are no limits to the variety of plates. Each plate has specific properties that are matched to the dish that is served on it.
"The most delicious meal is nothing without the perfect porcelain stage on which it is served."
  • Service plate
    A highlight of your decorated dinner table is the service plate. As the name suggests, it serves as a placeholder for the plate with the food of the particular course. With a diameter of 33 cm, our flat "VITRUV" service plate is specially designed for this purpose and is a wonderful decorative element for your table. Its purist design on the rim of the plate with a relief of geometric shapes and columns spreads a distinguished, noble atmosphere. The porcelains that are positioned on the service plate are exactly matched to it in design and size, so that the guest always sees a wonderful ensemble in front of him. This is why the service plate remains in place until the end of the dinner and also protects the tablecloth from unwanted stains.

    Bread plate
    The "VITRUV" bread & butter plate has a diameter of 18 cm and is thus smaller than the breakfast plate. At the menu, the bread plate is placed on the table from the beginning, to the left of the fork, so it does not obstruct the guest. It usually remains on the table until the end, especially if bread is served with the meal.

    Soup plates
    If you start your menu with a soup, we recommend using the plates designed for it. Our "VITRUV" soup plates with a large flat center and a height of 4 cm hold a perfect portion size and quickly bring the soup to eating temperature.

    Salad and pasta plate
    The pasta plate in this collection is perfect for both pasta dishes and salads. Because with a height of 4 cm and an upwardly curved rim of the plate, the salad can be arranged wonderfully.

    Dinner plate
    The dinner plate has an important role in every menu - plate par excellence. Because the main course is artfully served on it. In our "VITRUV" collection, the plate with a diameter of 29 cm and a height of 3 cm is perfect for classic dishes with meat, vegetable and potato side dishes as well as for finely arranged gourmet highlights. The narrow plate with its fine graphic decor elegantly frames the meal.

    Gourmet plate
    The gourmet plate is the crowning glory of an exclusive menu. Our gourmet plate from the Swan Service with the historical swan decor on the wide rim of the plate puts your cooking skills in a very special light. Depending on the menu creation, this gourmet plate is available in a flat or deep version.

    Dessert plate
    The crowning glory of a meal is a delicious dessert on the matching dessert plate. With a diameter of 22 cm, the sweet finale is perfectly presented. The "VITRUV" dessert plates can not only be used for stylishly serving pastries and desserts, they can also be used as breakfast plates with the matching cups.

    Whether it's a cosy dinner with large plates for the family or a stylish menu with service plates, bread plates and dessert plates. With the right choice of plates, every table becomes a special centrepiece that creates an atmospheric ambience. After all, there is hardly anything better than spending quality time with your loved ones over a good meal at an enjoyable table.