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The Famed “Onion Pattern” Takes Modern Form
  • A historic décor icon meets contemporary design. For the first time, a new collection is bringing the world-famous “Onion Pattern” onto a new form: “N°41.” The collection is available as a multi-piece service: breakfast, dinner and dessert plates, cup and saucer, and a small bowl. The cobalt-blue “Onion Pattern” was created in 1731, in the early years of the Meissen manufactory. Like all porcelain forms and decorations of the era, when porcelain production was just beginning in Europe, the “Onion Pattern” was inspired by Chinese porcelain, which at that time was predominantly blue. The manufactory successfully developed its own underglaze blue in 1722, just a few years after its founding. With the “Onion Pattern,” this cobalt blue had its first opportunity to unveil its singular aesthetic effect against the canvas of pure white porcelain. The stylized onion-like motifs arose solely out of a lack of motifs in the original pattern. In fact, the painting on the plate rim also depicts a peach and a melon, while a stick of bamboo and delicate chrysanthemum blossoms unfold across the centre. The pattern finds its permanent place on the reservedly playful and almost modest for its time “New Cutout” form, reminiscent of delicate flower petals with a wavy-lipped rim and forked acanthus leaf handle. In the new collection these are countered by the clear lines of the contemporary “N°41” form, on which the classic décor pattern can reveal a new radiance.
"The opulence of the historic “Onion Pattern” contrasts with the clean lines and modern aesthetics of the “N°41” form to reveal an entirely new effect."
  • The “Onion Pattern” was first applied to the “N°41” form in 2017 as “Noble Blue,” a reinterpretation of the historic décor that counters the opulence of the original with a modern lightness. In “Noble Blue,” the core elements of the original are taken up and rearranged, with added details in luminous red and filigree gold accents that frame and accentuate the blue to create radiant contrasts. The two décors can now be superbly combined with one another, mix & match style. The purist “N°41” form also combines seamlessly with other contemporary service forms such as the „MEISSEN Cosmopolitan“ series with its mesh décor variants, including platinum and the new mesh blue and mesh green colours. Thanks to the underglaze, all pieces in the “Onion Pattern” collection on “N°41” are dishwasher and microwave safe.