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The perfect evolution:
N°41 Waves Relief
  • Since its debut in 2017, the "N°41" collection stands for timeless, clear design that combines Meissen porcelain quality with a modern form language. Straight lines and simple elegance are the hallmarks of this shape and provide an ideal stage for the presentation of unusual decors such as "Royal Blossom", "Noble Blue" or "Swords". The decors of the "N°41" service form are breath-taking new interpretations of Meissen decor icons and an expression of the perfection in craftsmanship that has always been the hallmark of MEISSEN. With "Royal Blossom", the iconic "Snowball Blossoms" are reinterpreted in a relief for the first time, lending the clear shape an exciting feel and stylish accuracy. The "Noble Blue" decor is dedicated to the famous Meissen "Onion Pattern" and rearranges it, while the Crossed Swords of the Saxon coat of arms, which have been the manufactory's signet since 1722, are staged independently for the first time in the "Swords" decor.

    With " N°41 Waves Relief ", the straight lines of the "N°41" shape are now combined with the sweeping relief of the popular "Waves" shape to create a completely new appearance and bring maritime flair to your table. The "Waves" service form with the relief decor is one of our most popular white porcelains - the wavy lines cover the surface of the porcelain like the sea formed by a breeze.
“‘n°41 waves relief’ combines the straight lines of the ‘n°41’ shape with the sweeping relief of the popular ‘waves’ shape to create a completely new and modern appearance.”
  • In 1996, on the threshold of the new millennium, the Meissen manufactory presents the new "Waves" service. Under the direction of the Meissen designer Sabine Wachs, the new shape is created in three years of artistic development work. It takes up the curved rim of classic service forms and interprets it in a contemporary way. Wachs contrasts the strict symmetry of historical shapes with a sweeping dynamic. In this way, "Waves" - both in a smooth version and with detailed pattern relief - allows classic elements of the Meissen manufactory to flow into the contemporary design of the service.

    The fine line structure of the "Waves Relief" on the elegant "N°41" form thus combines the highest craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. The special feel of the " N°41 Wave Relief" - also available in bisque - invites you to combine the most diverse decors from the "N°41" collection in the spirit of "Mix&Match". Bring maritime flair to your table at home and, in combination with the numerous décors on the "N°41" shape, set your creativity free with "Mix & Match".