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Individuality and creativity in Mix & Match
  • Individual self-determination is behind the megatrend "individualisation" and thus describes an entire generation in search of their identity. This individual expression runs through all areas of life and also finds its place in tableware and dining culture. According to the principle of "Mix & Match", diversity, colour and individuality are brought to the table. Creativity can be given free rein, because it is precisely the combinations of beloved older porcelain services with new porcelains that result in an exciting reinterpretation of modern opulence for an incomparable table design.

    So that everyone can express themselves in their own way, our "N°41" plate shape provides the ideal stage. This timeless design fits perfectly into any interior and at the same time can be combined with its versatile decors as you wish. On "N°41" we have reinterpreted nine different historic MEISSEN decors. From the playful "Royal Blossom", iconic "Blue Onion" and the famous trademark "Swords" to the popular "Waves", the interpretations can be perfectly combined not only with each other but also with our other dinner services. This enormous variety is entirely in the spirit of "Mix & Match" - skilfully combining tradition and modernity, colours with structures and patterns.
"Let your creativity flow with “Mix & Match” and reinvent your home table again and again."
  • Deliberately mix the different styles and bring your historic heirlooms to the table. Give the historic "Blue Onion" a new brilliance with porcelains from our "N°41 Paradise Birds Blush" collection. The colourful accents in green or pink bring liveliness and freshness to the table. At the same time, they frame the iconic blue of the onion pattern and highlight it in a special way. For those who like it even more colourful, combine the "Bloomy Feathers" porcelain with the "Blue Onion" from our "THE MEISSEN COLLAGE" series. The decor combines the distinctive elements of the original in delicate blue with strong red tones of the striking feather. The colour contrasts provide an exciting combination that allows the unique character of the onion pattern to shine in new brilliance.

    You can also combine our white porcelains such as the enchanting "Royal Blossom" with striking colours or patterns. Particularly appreciated here is the combination with the elegant "Noble Blue". With its colourful accents in red and gold, the decor rejuvenates the famous "Blue Onion" and at the same time lends elegance to the service. In combination with the romantic Snowball Blossom decor on the "Royal Blossom" service, which gives the ensemble a playful structure, you create a noble look for your table. This harmony and enchanting romanticism that resonates in this arrangement is what makes it so loved for the wedding table.

    With white porcelains, you can also incorporate different haptics into your arrangements. The "Waves Relief" as well as the "Royal Blossom" porcelains are available in glazed and bisque. Choose, for example, a bisque porcelain service plate and a glazed dinner plate for variety and excitement on the table. Because the light refracts differently in the bisque porcelain than in the glazed versions it creates a unique play of light and shadow. It is also an experience for the senses to see and feel the different haptics.

    Porcelain with baroque decors, such as our "Swan Service" can also be excellently taken into the here and now with a different style. The "Noble Chinese" decor of our "MEISSEN COLLAGE" combines the earlier imaginative representation of the European-influenced idea of the Middle Kingdom with straight patterns and pastel shades. This combination is an absolute eye-catcher and succeeds in uniting two historical decors in modern opulence, as they otherwise would never have appeared.

    Live your individuality and create your own personal composition of the established, the beloved and the new - for a unique service. You will notice how much pleasure it gives to create your very own table look that matches your style of living and creates a special wow effect.