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  • Every year, the “Limited Masterworks” collection presents reissues of works from creative greats who left a defining imprint on MEISSEN and advanced its artistic legacy. These collections unite traditional craftsmanship techniques and artistic mastery, bringing sought-after classics and nearly forgotten rarities back to new life. Pieces include the “Bloom Garden” vase ensemble, an extension of the “Giant Bloom” series by artist Lena Hensel, created in homage to the multifaceted work of Meissen artist Emil Paul Börner. Lushly painted flowers unfold in vibrant colours across three bulbous yet restrained vase forms designed by Börner in 1927, starring the magnificent lily at the heart of the motif. Together with iris and magnolia blossoms and radiant gold accents, the ensemble celebrates the richness of the Meissen colour palette.

    Unique handcraft techniques are similarly brought back to life in the upcoming “Limited Masterworks” collection — delicate Limoges painting, for example, applied by porcelain painter Lidija Schrenk on an exquisite vase form by master modeler Ernst August Leuteritz. With this elaborate technique, white pigment is applied, layer by layer, onto the primed, glazed porcelain. The layering lends an almost translucent quality to different areas of the painting, creating a striking three-dimensional effect.
“the ‘limited masterworks’ and ‘limited edition’ collections pay homage to the great figures from meissen’s history as well as the extraordinary artisans whose skills carry forward the manufactory’s rich heritage.”
  • Each piece of Meissen porcelain arises out of the manufactory’s rich heritage, tradition of craftsmanship, wealth of experience and extensive trove of forms and colours. It is these assets that provide the foundation for the annual “Limited Edition” collections, which include reissued classics as well as new reinterpretations of historical pieces. The coming year’s collection includes pieces such as “Panther Giant Bloom,” which brings together a historical form and contemporary “Giant Bloom” pattern.

    For the first time, the expansive floral motif is being applied not on a static surface, but on two dynamic panther figures—one designed by Erich Oehme in 1921, the other by Rudolf Löhner in 1911. In shades of lilac and violet, the oversized flowers follow the flowing movements of the figures and envelope them like a cape. The “Limited Editions” collection also sees the elaborate Limoges painting technique being revived. It demands the utmost precision from porcelain painter Peggy Hauk as she creates her “Titmouse on Sprays of Flowering Cherry” décor on a porcelain tea caddy. With its nearly transparent quality, the delicate painting on the black vessel exudes an aura of particular grace.

    Discover our 2022 “Limited Masterworks” and “Limited Edition” collections, celebrating the rich heritage of the manufactory and the masterful skill of our artisans.