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MEISSEN Jewellery Care
  • The production of jewellery from Meissen porcelain traces back to the beginning of the manufactory in the 18th century: exquisite combinations of precious metals and stones, that have been made to love and made to last using centuries-old expertise and artisanal techniques. To guarantee your treasured purchases remain prized possessions for years to come, it’s important to know how to best take care of your manufactory jewellery.
    MEISSEN gold and silver jewellery is made exclusively from very high-quality gold (18 kt gold) and highest-grade silver (Sterling silver 925) alloys respectively. Due to their high percentage of precious metals, the pieces are somewhat softer and susceptible to scratches. However, thanks to the material’s exceptional quality, each piece can be restored to its original glory. To avoid scratches, however, we recommend taking off your jewellery before engaging in household or garden chores, physical activities, or stepping into the shower or sauna. Despite all MEISSEN silver jewellery being rhodium-plated for protection, sweat can tarnish the silver.
"Material-appropriate care and attention will guarantee your MEISSEN jewellery retain its value as beloved heirlooms passed down through generations."
  • Hairspray, lotions, oils, and perfumes are all a part of our daily beauty routines. With this in mind, we recommend taking off your jewellery before applying them. Hairspray and perfume, for example, can tarnish your jewellery and take away its shine. Lotions, perfumes, and oils, on the other hand, can sully your diamonds, gemstones, or porcelain flowers.
    Should your jewellery be tarnished or smudged, we recommend using a special polishing cloth or cleaning your jewellery with warm water, a soft toothbrush and a mild detergent, patting your jewellery dry with a soft cloth.
    Jewellery without precious stones or only diamonds can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner using a special cleaning solution.
    Jewellery with coloured gemstones, porcelain blossoms, hand painted porcelain plates or pearls should not be put into an ultrasonic cleaner.
    If you’re unsure about how to clean your jewellery, our jewellery workshop offers a cleaning service subject to an additional charge.