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Home Office Design Trends
  • 2020 saw many fundamental changes in the way we work, encouraging more and more of us to work from home and centring the home office as a focal point of our day to day lives. While a desk at home was still considered a practical nice-to-have at the beginning of 2020, home offices – be it an entire room or a flexible workplace between living and sleeping areas – have now become an essential part of our homes. It’s hardly surprising that design trends have also started to emerge and shape where we work: above all, sleek silhouettes, bright colours and feel-good elements to set creative ideas and inspiration in motion. With two new home office sets, MEISSEN invites you to rethink your everyday and personalize your new home office routine. The home office sets feature a mug in various designs from "The MEISSEN Mug Collection", paired with a beautifully sculpted table vase and a sleek breakfast tray to offer inspiring moments between morning emails and video calls.

"In keeping pace with interior design as a whole, home office trends include colourful highlights and deeply personal statement pieces, brought together in a "mix & match" spirit."
  • In lieu of serendipitous conversations around the water cooler, our thirst for input and inspiration is expressed in a more cheerful, playful and vibrant colour scheme. Much as in interior design as a whole, home offices are seeing an emergence for colourful highlights and deeply personal statement pieces, brought together in a "mix & match" spirit. "The MEISSEN Mug Collection" – with its countless designs from over 300 years of manufactory history – offers the ideal starting point to liven up your morning cup of coffee while skimming through your emails. Equally vibrant, Meissen’s vide poche collection offers richly designed trays for pens, clips and highlighters, combining functionality and aesthetics in an expression of one’s own taste and personality on the desk.