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A season full of flowers – the new MEISSEN service „Giant Bloom“
  • In the European culture, flowers stand for the expression of friendliness, warmth, trust and affection. Therefore, they are magnificently decorated on the table for a wide variety of occasions, given away with meaningful gestures or placed in the home interior as statement pieces - and always trigger positive emotions on the viewer.
    Our MEISSEN artist Lena Hensel also dealt with the great importance of flowers for her décor development "Giant Bloom". She was able to skillfully combine her great enthusiasm and expertise for colours and their numerous symbols and effects with the world of flowers.
    Together with our porcelain painters in a period of almost 12 months, a wide variety of floral décors were created, which bring spring and summer to the home table with their colours. The painting style, colour scheme and composition on the porcelain were discussed and tried again and again, until the traditional genre of flower painting at MEISSEN was continued in bright colours and a modern way with “Giant Bloom”.
    The model was the “Giant Bloom” vase of the Limited Masterpieces, which with its large-scale paintings is already causing great enthusiasm among lovers and collectors of Meissen porcelain. The new interpretation for table and dining, experiences space for free development on the modern service form “MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan”. The various types of flowers are skillfully staged by hand painting on the wide “MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan” plate rim. Complementary Home Deco vases make the table arrangement perfect.
"The collection “Giant Bloom” is an inspiring floral painting which, in interplay with graphic décors, underlines the contemporary character of table and dining culture at MEISSEN."
  • As a complement to the flowering hand painting, two new mesh decors have been developed especially for "Giant Bloom", pastel green and blue, which can also be combined with other decors from the "MEISSEN® Cosmopolitan" series.
    Become the creative designer of your own table arrangement and bring spring to your home table with "Giant Bloom".

    For our designer Lena Hensel, the “Giant Bloom” service once again stands for the valuable collaboration and constant exchange with the manufactories experienced porcelain painters. From the large-scale and expressive painting of the limited masterpieces vase “Giant Bloom” to the spring-like and pastel-coloured service of the same name, the interdisciplinary interaction of various departments and experts was essential. The new development of a décor, based on the traditional flower painting of MEISSEN, shows the décor evolution from the imposing lidded vase to the table service. An experience that Lena repeatedly shows the unique craftsmanship and innovative strength MEISSEN embodies with all of its artists.
    Go on a very personal journey with the new "Giant Bloom" service and bring spring and the exquisite handicrafts of the manufactory to your home table.

    From tiger lily and Iceland poppy, to gerbera and hibiscus, to peony and peach blossom - Not only the style of flower painting, the delicate colouring and inspiring detailed views break new ground, but also the selection of the 11 motifs was based on extraordinary blossoms. What they all have in common is the depth of colour, liveliness and expressiveness, which is the result of an elaborate painting technique with a perforated plate that has been perfected over many years. This demonstrates once again hand painting as a special cultural asset and the meticulous craftsmanship of the Meissen manufactory.