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Celebrating Christmas with modern opulence – decorating ideas from MEISSEN
  • The Christmas season is one of the most wonderful, atmospheric times of year. By decorating our homes, we conjure up the magic and festive mood of Christmas in a new and fascinating way every year. More than any other holiday custom, decorating for Christmas has always allowed us to tap into tradition and novelty, deeply personal as well as extravagant arrangements as a decorative mix and match. It is no surprise, then, that MEISSEN is presenting a unique range of Christmas decorating ideas for your home: from exquisite ornaments, lights and festive table services all the way to minimalist vide poches or figurines of apostles and nativity scenes made of the finest manufactory porcelain. With these decorative items, you can transform any interior into a magical Christmas wonderland.
"More than any other holiday, the Christmas season has always united tradition and novelty, personal as well as extravagant arrangements in a decorative mix and match."
  • Christmas decorations from MEISSEN allow the 300-year-old craft and artistry to shine with renewed splendour. Whether inspired by traditional Christmas ornaments or with a modern, geometric style, made of reddish-brown Böttger stoneware or Meissen porcelain: the plethora of different shapes and motifs is truly one of a kind. It ranges from fir cones, acorns, bells and baubles all the way to small angels and figurines, both glazed and unglazed, and in a colour spectrum that runs from pure white to copper gold all the way to colourful hand-painted images and patterns that draw inspiration from the manufactory’s extensive design repertoire. Whether it be a harmonious arrangement or a mix-and-match set of new and traditional designs, Meissen’s Christmas decorations encourage you to express your own personal style. Decorated with fairy lights, candles, baubles, tinsel and figurines of all kinds, the Christmas tree is a symbol and key focal point of the Christmas season. And while the roots of this tradition date back even further, it was not until the 18th century – the same time that the Manufactory was founded – that it became popular throughout Germany. At this time, city-dwellers tended to decorate their homes with pine branches because fir trees were rare in Central Europe and therefore rather expensive. It was not until the end of the 19th century that pine and spruce forests were able to meet the demand of the urban population. Now Christmas trees were no longer reserved for the nobility. And yet it was a nobleman, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, who brought this German tradition to London in 1840 as the husband of Queen Victoria, thus ensuring its enduring success to this day.